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Diabetes is a chronic disease that is possible to control. Previously in the early 1900s kids who suffered from type 1 diabetes died within few days, not anymore though due to the advancement in medicine and knowledge treating it. Today, diabetes is fast spreading globally, specially in the Middle East region. Uptodate Medicare Centre has since year 2005 been treating patients with diabetes in Dubai. We have also been a pioneer in patients lifestyle changes through our patient centric methods.

At Uptodate Medicare Centre

At Uptodate Medicare Centre we have a very experienced, talented and trusted Consultant physician with over 30 years experience treating diabetes in Middle East and Europe, Professor Dr Mohamed Ali Eltom. At Uptodate Medicare Centre, Dr Eltom offers patients a Swedish-Centered approach in the management of Diabetes, Thyroid and metabolic disorders allowing patients to customize their treatments to suit their individual needs, resulting in lifetime behavioral changes.

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