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Our devoted primary care physicians (GPs) and Specialist Family Medicine physicians can provide comprehensive healthcare for all members of the family across all ages, genders for all diseases in every part of the body. They see patients from all age groups, with a wide spectrum of diseases especially chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, obesity & patients in need of lifestyle modifications. Based on each case and during consultation with the patient, our highly trained physician will advise according to the patients needs.

At Uptodate Medicare Centre

At Uptodate Medicare Centre we have a very experienced and trusted Specialist Family Medicine physician and several experienced GPs. Dr Osama Elnour Dfaallah is a specialist Family Medicine physician with +10 years of experience in Diabetes, Hypertension and communicable diseases. He focuses on changing the behaviours of clients toward a healthy lifestyle reducing overweight and obesity. He is passionate about health promotion and smoking cessation. Contact us to schedule your appointment with him or any of our amazing GPs.

Call us on 043986608 if you have any inquiry or to book your next appointment.


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